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August 21, 2018


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Pastel on suede 20×16

Original sold

The wolf has a very dense and warm coat.  His fluffy and full tail makes a great blanket.  He hunts year round and doesn’t hibernate so his thick fur comes in handy.







Room for One More

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Oil on canvas –  11×14


Quail live in groups called coveys.   They stay active year round.  Snow doesn’t seem to bother them as they will scratch a small bed under a branching plant and fluff their feathers to stay warm.  The more they have in their group, the warmer they are.




Sunrise and Mist

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Pastel on suede – 28×22


Sunrise is a very favorable time of day for deer to be moving around. They inspect their surroundings and enjoy grazing on new foliage. This deer is blessed with a mist that helps him be better camouflaged.






The Bear

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Oil on Canvas – 16×12


The Grizzly bear has a very good sense of smell and has very good hearing.  His  eyesight is not as good, so when he wants to double check what he senses is out there, he will stand up on his back legs and check it out. He will be from 7 to 8 feet tall when he stands up.








Wolf Over Water

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Pastel on Suede – 12×16


The wolf has a very keen sense of smell.  He can track his prey over marshland or prairie.  Here he is on the hunt and simply glides over the water and doesn’t get too wet.




Above the Clouds

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Oil on Canvas – 24 x 30


The Bald Eagle is a mighty bird.  Wing span up to 7 feet.  He soars on the thermals and climbs very high.  Even above the Clouds.






August 20, 2018

Everybody’s Baby

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Everybody’s Baby


22×28   Pastel on Suede

Longhorns are traditionally a wild breed.  They are quite protective of their offspring, however.  All the cows in the herd look after all the calves.  They even form a nursery with the calves and the cows take turns being the babysitter.  Those horns are more than show.  They are a very efficient defense.  They consider this new calf to be Everybody’s Baby.



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