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Lunch With the Girls

Lunch With The Girls Oil 16×20 $1,100

Turkey hens keep together as much as possible. The Toms will gather as many hens as they can and then spend all kinds of time keeping other Toms away. Can you imagine the gossip in Lunch with the Girls?


You Said What?

    You Said What?

         12×16   Pastel on Suede

        Original Sold

The owl is a very ominous creature that flies silently through the night to […]

The Golden

The Golden

16X12 Â Oil on canvas


The Golden Eagle is the largest eagle in North America. Its claws are the size of a small dinner plate when they are extended. Altho some think they are detrimental to sheep, they usually eat much smaller prey such […]


“RUBY THROAT” Pastel on suede – image 10×14 original sold   Wonderful to watch, these little birds give life and happiness to Spring and Summer.   Signed and numbered limited edition Giclee prints available. […]



Pastel on Suede – original  32X20


The owl is a mysterious bird and has many stories and legends associated with it. It is a silent hunter and hunts mostly at night. It is thought to be a very wise bird. The Great Horned […]