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Snow Blanket

Snow Blanket

20 x 24


Buffalo are very resilient. Â Since their beginning, their coat has served as a very thick blanket. It is thickest around their head and neck. This buffalo has faced into the snow, adding it to his thick coat and wears it […]

Doin’ The Dishes

Doin’ the Dishes


Original size 20X24


Tigers are very fastidious as are all cats. They strive to keep very clean. This tiger is cleaning up all the “utensils” used for a meal. She is “Doin’ The Dishes”.


Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain  Image size 22×28 Oil on Canvas  SOLD     In the spring, Mama Bear brings out her cubs to view their new world on Bear Mountain. Look for the other 5 bear hidden on the mountain.   SIGNED AND NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION GICLEE PRINTS AVAILABLE  […]